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Kohl’s to manage omnichannel operations in the cloud

Kohl’s is modernizing its technology so it can better compete in a digital marketplace.

The department store chain made a multi-year investment to fund the migration of its omnichannel systems and applications to the cloud. The move will modernize the company’s technology footprint, which will help Kohl’s to deliver a seamless, best-in-class omnichannel customer experience.

The technology investment will enable the company to replace legacy systems with those in the cloud. These are more flexible systems designed to enhance operational efficiencies and reduce long-term costs. The migration includes solutions connected with e-commerce, mobile, and business operations.

Kohl’s has already transitioned its website to the cloud, which already delivers customers a faster digital experience. As Kohl’s continues migrating systems and applications to the cloud, the company can focus on how to use its IT operations to further drive efficiencies and business value.

“Kohl’s is uniquely positioned at the forefront of retail’s cloud computing capabilities to transform our operations and equip our team to meet short- and long-term technology needs,” said Ratnakar Lavu, Kohl’s executive VP and CTO. “Cloud has become the foundation for this transformation and brings our teams greater flexibility to scale resources, react quickly and more cost effectively, and in turn, deliver a great experience to our customers.”
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