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Jewelry retailer gives online shoppers a second chance

Alexis Bittar is targeting emails to customers who may have long-term regrets about missed purchases.

Alexis Bittar, a brand of Brooks Brothers’ fashion jewelry subsidiary Deconic, designs and sells jewelry through 10 stores and an e-commerce site. The company relies heavily on email for CRM and marketing activities, with 17% of total digital revenue coming from abandonment emails.

Seeing the impact that relevant personalized emails had on customers in the immediate aftermath of abandoning shopping carts, Alexis Bittar wanted to extend its follow-up email promotions. The retailer implemented the BounceX Catalog Modules solution to trigger event-based promotional emails up to 180 days after a site visit. BounceX already provided the solution which automatically generated initial abandonment emails.

Alexis Bittar started sending triggered emails notifying customers who had shown purchase intent of price drop, low stock, and back in stock events. The ability to trigger emails on product changes up to 180 days after a visit increased digital revenue performance by 37%. Underlying engagement metrics like a 36% open rate and 26% click-through rate came in 13% and 39% higher, respectively, than the average abandonment email.

In total, promotional emails generated by BounceX technology drive nearly a quarter of Alexis Bittar’s total digital revenue. The Catalog Modules solution contributes 5.46% of the retailer’s digital topline.

“We’re in a unique, high-consideration business, and we don’t like to rely heavily on promotions to move inventory,” said Matteo Del Vecchio, CEO of Deconic. “BounceX’s Catalog emails have proven remarkably effective at using scarcity and urgency to increase conversions without over-discounting.”
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