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International cosmetics retailer takes e-commerce into the cloud

The L’Occitane Group is taking steps to expand its digital presence worldwide, and deliver more personalized shopping experiences.

By replacing its homegrown e-commerce system with Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, the international cosmetics retailer now has a platform that provides multi-site, multi-language and multi-currency e-commerce capabilities. This addition will enable the company to more quickly innovate and expand its digital presence around the world.

Commerce Cloud will also enable L’Occitane to deliver a unified commerce experience on any channel or device. This unified experience is also the foundation needed to support more connected and personalized shopping experiences, according to Salesforce.

Armed with the new cloud-based platform, L’Occitane is positioned to quickly adapt its e-commerce offering to fit consumer trends in local markets, and provide a new level of customized shopping experiences across the world.

The L’Occitane Group operates 3,000 retail outlets in 90 countries.
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