Here’s where online customers will begin their holiday shopping

Amazon is on pace to dominate the holiday season, followed by Walmart.

This is according to “The 2018 U.S. Holiday Shopping Forecast” from CPC Strategy, which revealed that 80% of holiday shoppers will start their hunt for gifts on Amazon this year. This is a jump from 72% of respondents in last year’s study.

Walmart also has a sunny outlook this holiday season, with 57% of online shoppers planning on visiting the site for their holiday shopping. The likelihood of shopping at Walmart increases with age and gender, as 70% of 45-54-year-old women plan to shop at the discount giant.

Consumers (20%) also want to spend less this year, a factor that makes it important for brands to make their experience worthwhile. This could be a boon for the discount big-box retailer this holiday season, since the segment has been doubling down on efforts to compete with Amazon, the study revealed.

Other key findings of the report include:

• 46% of shoppers are planning to shop both online and in-store for gifts
• 43% of respondents plan to shop for gifts via mobile devices
• 40% of shoppers plan to buy their gifts before Thanksgiving

“[With] a lot of respondents [saying] they’ll start shopping before Thanksgiving, customers might have already made their gift purchases long before you’ve launched your Q4 advertising strategy,” said Rick Backus, CEO and co-founder of CPC Strategy. “The most successful brands and retailers will move their Q4 campaign timelines up, especially if they’re advertising on Amazon.”