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Happy Returns hits a milestone

A concept dedicated to in-person returns for online retailers has hit a significant stage in its expansion plan.

Happy Returns opened its 100th Return Bar location. Overall, Happy Returns’ network is set to grow to more than 220 locations by the end of 2018. The company had 50 return locations as of January.

The newest Return Bar is located in Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles. This is the third Westfield mall in Los Angeles, and the eighth Westfield property nationwide, to feature a returns center.

The company also partners with other top mall properties, as well as regional and national chain stores and independent boutiques, a move that contributes to increased foot traffic. There partnerships have enabled Happy Returns to set up returns centers in 18 different metro areas in the United States, including 14 of the largest 15 cities by population, according to the company.

“Our rapid growth and expanding set of location partners demonstrates the utility of our service for all stakeholders in the return transaction,” said David Sobie, co-founder and CEO of Happy Returns.
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