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Global surf apparel retailer catches merchandise optimization wave

Maui and Sons is enjoying some tasty merchandising benefits in its regional Chile operation.

Maui and Sons Chile, which sells casual surf- and skateboard-themed apparel in Chile and Peru, discovered difficulties scaling its complex supply chain in the Latin American market. A subsidiary of the U.S.-based Maui and Sons, which operates in more than 100 countries, the retailer requires detailed plans to deliver the right targeted apparel assortments, including over 10,000 combinations of sizes and colors per season.

After a competitive assessment, Maui and Sons Chile chose to modernize its approach with the Oracle Retail Merchandising System and Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud platforms. Oracle database and middleware solutions also support this new retail foundation.

Leveraging its new merchandising infrastructure, Maui and Sons Chile has been able to streamline inventory and add new sales channels. The technology enables the retailer to gain deep insights into its online and in-store merchandising. The company can also better connect suppliers, inventory, and stores to ensure streamlined supply chain operations.

“Today, we have effectively documented, automated and organized our processes – removing a lot of the limitations to growing and scaling both our product lines and business throughout regions,” said Felipe Guerrero, CIO, Maui and Sons Chile. “With Oracle, we have empowered our people to continue to make a difference and accelerate customer value by placing innovation at their fingertips.”

Maui and Sons Chile completed implementation in 11 months by partnering with Oracle PartnerNetwork member Logic Information Systems, which leveraged local retail expertise and cloud capabilities to outline processes and enable choices for Maui and Sons to aid deployment.
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