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Gap Inc. launches a new subscription box through its Old Navy brand

A specialty apparel retailer is stepping up its commitment to subscription boxes.

Building off of the early success of its “Baby Gap OutfitBox” program, Gap Inc. is ready to launch its second subscription box. This one, a subscription box for kids, will be sold by the company’s Old Navy brand, according to CNBC.

Called The Old Navy Superbox, the program is similar to babyGap's Outfit Box, which launched last month. The new program is a quarterly subscription that features apparel for kids ages 5 through 12. The boxes, which are filled with six items worth more than $100, cost $69.99 each, the report said.

Positive results of the Baby Gap Outfit Box prompted the company to expand its offering. Specifically, Gap found low average return rates, a draw of new customers to the brand, and high customer retention from the first to the second box, according to CNBC.

Gap said it will continue to glean insights about its customers for future product launches, the report said.

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