GameStop steps up its store communications, operational execution

GameStop has deployed an intuitive, cloud solution designed specifically for retail to effectively manage and execute store tasks and communications.

GameStop has implemented Opterus’ Store Ops-Center solution across its more than 4,000 U.S. store locations. The retailer is also looking into expanding use of the solution to its stores in Canada, Australia and potentially Europe.

Previously, GameStop used a simple, plain text POS email solution in combination with a Microsoft SharePoint site. But the retailer wanted a nimbler solution that could provide more enhanced store communications, task management, and content including visual UI, reporting and metrics. After reviewing available options, GameStop selected the Opterus tool.

Since the initial implementation of Store Ops-Center in 2017, GameStop has recognized seen a number of benefits. The licensing model from Opterus has enabled the retailer with an individual account model that can flex with the business growth without massive cost swings typically experienced in the retail segment. Also, the communication lines between headquarters and its stores have become extremely targeted to ensure messages reach each impacted individual on our front line of sales.

Additional benefits of the solution include:

• Reduced time of task management: Sending tasks to all of its stores has been reduced from an effort that previously took hours, down to mere minutes.

• Enhanced reporting: GameStop now has the ability to more easily and quickly report on nationwide progress to system and content administrators, without the need to involve the business intelligence team.

• Improved task execution oversite: GameStop’s field managers can more quickly attend to store tasks, removing the previously used “post-it” approach for reminders with the Opterus option for traceable, actionable items.

“The benefits we have experienced since working with Opterus have stretched beyond these metrics to a more qualitative offering, including a leadership team that is accessible, transparent and responsive, a rare find with today’s technology vendors,” said Mark Quall, senior director store process and workforce management, GameStop. “What’s more, Opterus’ roadmap reflects solutions that directly address customer pain points. We were amazed by the ability of Opterus to incorporate a key new feature needed by GameStop into their existing roadmap at very little cost and time.”