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Furniture retailer steps up store communications

A retailer known for its modular furniture is making it easier for store associates to communicate and complete day-to-day tasks.

The Lovesac Company is partnering with Opterus to centralize its store-level communications. Armed with the company’s Store Ops-Center, the retailer now has a cloud-based solution that can effectively manage and execute store tasks and communications.

The solution measures and increases operational compliance, communicates corporate policy, manages day-to-day objectives and tasks, and handles issues between corporate office and store locations. The cloud-based architecture also makes the solution simple to scale, and flexible enough for rapid implementation and user-intuitive.

“The Lovesac Company was looking for a solution for our retail showrooms that would provide scalable communication, planning and administrative features that met our current needs and would nimbly evolve with us into the future,” said Dave Jensen, CIO, CTO, Lovesac. “Opterus offers that solution on a solid technology platform and has again proven to be a great business partner.”
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