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French apparel retailer simplifies in-store mobile strategy

A new platform is making it easier for Maje sales associates to engage in-store shoppers.

The French apparel retailer, which is operated by the SMCP Group, launched a new digital platform from PredictSpring that combines mobile-based features such as clienteling, endless aisle, and mobile point of sale (mPOS). The new technology allows sales associates to provide more personalized interactions, and fast, efficient transactions. The technology is currently being used across all Maje stores in France.

Users access the platform through a single, unified mobile app, eliminating the need for associates to juggle multiple devices and apps to manage the customer experience. It also frees store associates to spend more time directly interacting with customers.

“SMCP partnered with PredictSpring to create a modern store associate experience encompassing a rich product discovery and mobile checkout experience for endless aisle application,” said Flavien d’Audiffret, SMCP digital and CRM director.

“We will begin rolling out the store associate app to other brands in the SMCP portfolio,” d’Audiffret said. “Providing a luxury, seamless, and digitized experience for our associates and clientele is a foremost priority, and the key to building lasting, and impressionable customer experiences.”
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