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Footwear brand steps up with new global planning solution

Clarks is making sure it has the right product available at the right time — regardless of the market or channel its customers are shopping in.

In line with its global business transformation, the footwear brand is adding the JDA Retail Planning and Intelligent Fulfillment solutions. The technology will help the company create a global planning process that aligns the company’s central and far-reaching regional operations.

For example, Clarks manages an archive of more than 22,000 styles, and has over 23,000 distribution points stretched across retail, joint venture, franchise, wholesale and digital channels — a foundation that helps the company sell in excess of 50 million pairs of shoes each year. However, this vast network is complex to manage.

By adding JDA Retail Planning, Clarks is positioned to become a more agile business and ensure customers receive the right product, in the right quantity and at the right time across any channel. The solution will help Clarks build localized assortments for stores and targeted assortments for key accounts and regions that align with corporate objectives.

Meanwhile, by deploying the JDA Intelligent Fulfillment solution, Clarks will gain advanced allocation and distribution processes. Specifically, the company will better anticipate the omnichannel demand, and secure high and profitable availability of stock, across all channels.

The two solutions will work in tandem to increase efficiency, drive sales and increase consumer satisfaction across all channels, the company said.

“Being able to forecast, plan, source and fulfill orders in a much more intelligent manner will enable us to increase customer satisfaction and further our growth, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of shoemaking,” Mike Shearwood, CEO at Clarks. “JDA’s strong heritage in retail and wholesale, along with its best-in-class technology, gives us huge confidence in achieving this goal and will help us become a more agile and efficient business.”
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