Fast-growing online retailer boosts experience with the cloud

Zulily is banking on the cloud to enhance its online shopping experience.

The fast-growing online retailer launches over 100 events a day, each featuring 9,000 styles for 72 hours, and serving a personalized experience for every customer — all while holding minimal inventory. To uphold this rigorous business model, Zulily moved business critical workloads, including its store, mobile application, and supply chain, to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Zulily is using AWS services, including databases and analytics, to manage every part of the business, from marketing and merchandising, to vendor operations, security, and supply chain. The solutions will enable it to make real-time decisions and continuous improvements.

The company is gaining a scalable architecture that will save Zulily “thousands of dollars a month,” and deliver the performance needed to provide shoppers with a reliable experience. Since moving operations to the cloud for example, Zulily has seen a 30% to 40% performance improvement per request made across its website and mobile application.

In addition, the company’s IT team pushes code multiple times a day across a variety of applications and services, and tests and verifies system functionalities every five minutes, which cuts down the code-to-production push time by over 30%, according to the company.

“With AWS’s highly scalable and flexible infrastructure, Zulily is able to store and analyze large volumes of data and deliver enhanced experience to customers without taking away from key business operations,” said Luke Friang, CIO, at Zulily. “Our strategic relationship with AWS gives our team the tools they need to maintain our culture of constant and nimble innovation.”
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