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eTail East: Warehouse club operator debuts new desktop site


BJ’s Wholesale Club introduced the newest service within its digital transformation.

The warehouse club operator launched a new desktop website on Monday. Besides featuring a modern look and feel, the site also supports easier navigation, browsing and shopping.

For example, the site enables members to order from its deli and bakery departments, and pickup orders within 36 hours. It also supports BJ’s Pick Up & Pay service, a program that lets members reserve dedicated non-perishable products on their mobile device and pick them up in-club within two hours, Rafeh Masood, senior VP and chief digital officer, BJ's Wholesale Club, said during a session at eTail East on Tuesday.

In addition to the new site, BJ’s is also preparing to launch two new sites for its private label brands, Berkley Jensen and Wellsley Farms — a move to showcase the value of both brands, and streamline how members can purchase across both brand offerings. Both sites will debut at the end of August, he said.

These efforts coincide with the company’s digital transformation and overall mission to increase convenience for its members. “Our focus is always on creating convenience for our members,” Masood explained. “By delighting them with an experience that can present fresh assortments online, this will translate into increased revenue for the company.”

The warehouse club operator started its digital journey a decade ago when it launched its first “web storefront.” Since then, BJ’s has evolved from a multichannel operator into an omnichannel business.

“Omnichannel is about connecting the dots between our digital assets, stores, associates, customers and merchandise,” he said. “Digital technology weaves these altogether. For us, omnichannel isn’t a word — it’s an experience.”

Since joining BJ’s in May, Masood has appointed a team dedicated to the evolution of omnichannel initiatives. This group is comprised of members from BJ’s business and technology teams “that work together under one umbrella,” Masood explained. “Their goal is to accelerate the company’s digital initiatives.”

For example, the team just introduced a mobile-optimized site that allows members to browse, research and purchase items, as well as manage their memberships through their personal smart device. The site went live in July.

Despite the attention it’s investing in its mobile website, the company is still evaluating how to approach a mobile app. “We don’t want to just feature a website experience wrapped in an app,” Masood said.

“We want to offer functionality that is unique, and offer features that drive personalization,” he added. “It is a matter of respecting the real estate that our members are willing to give us on their personal device.”

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