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eBay service ‘authenticates’ luxury handbags

eBay’s new service is protecting its shoppers — and the company — from getting stuck with counterfeit designer handbags.

On Monday, the company introduced eBay Authenticate, a program that uses third-party industry experts to authenticate luxury handbags and exploit any counterfeit merchandise. The service verifies the authenticity of luxury handbags and wallets valued at $500 or more across 12 high-end brands, including Balenciaga, Burberry, Céline, Chanel, Christian Dior, Fendi, Goyard, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Valentino.

eBay collects 20% of the sale of verified merchandise, and sellers receive 80%. For a limited time, the online retailer is offering a similar service for luxury handbags valued at $250 or more. eBay claims 10% of the final sale price, and sellers will receive 90%, eBay said.

Here’s how the service works: Sellers with an eligible luxury bag logs onto a dedicated link on eBay’s website and selects “Sell with eBay Authenticate.” Sellers send in the handbag using a prepaid shipping label, or can visit a participating FedEx Office location that will pack and ship the bag for free.

Participating experts verify the handbag’s authenticity, and then photograph, list, sell, and ship the handbag to its buyer. Sellers’ fee, 80% of the final selling price, is nearly twice as much as comparable online services, eBay said on its blog.

In addition to giving customers more confidence making a purchase on eBay, the service will benefit the company in the long-run as a woman’s handbag is purchased every 13 seconds on eBay in the United States, the blog reported.

“We’re making it even easier for our buyers to shop quickly and confidently for luxury handbags,” said Laura Chambers, VP of consumer selling at eBay.

“With tens-of-thousands of high-end handbags currently available, eBay is primed to boost customer confidence in selling and shopping for an amazing selection of designer merchandise,” she added. “We also believe our sellers will love this service, as it provides them with a white-glove service when selling luxury handbags.”

eBay is already considering how to expand the program to other brands and categories in 2018, the blog reported.
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