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eBay promises to ‘chill’ this holiday season

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The holidays are not coming early to eBay.

eBay is officially committing to what the e-commerce platform is calling “some much needed holiday chill.” The e-tailer is marking the occasion of 100 days until Christmas by promising not to offer any holiday-themed ads, promotions, specials or sales until November.

“Instead of bombarding you with holiday messages, we’ll be helping our sellers prepare for their busiest time … and maybe even finding fun ways to call out some of the competition for getting ahead of themselves,” eBay said in a corporate blog post announcing its decision.

Although eBay is taking more traditional approach by waiting until Halloween passes to begin holiday marketing efforts, some data suggests this may be a risky maneuver. Holiday shopping is now a six-month season, according to key U.S. findings from a recent global consumer study by digital marketing platform Bazaarvoice. Almost 20% of respondents reported having started their shopping as early as mid-summer during “Black Friday in July” sales, while 29% will start in early fall.
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