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eBay enters into a legal battle with Amazon

eBay has had enough.

The online marketplace filed a lawsuit against Amazon on Wednesday alleging that the online giant is has been infiltrating eBay's internal messaging system to recruit sellers, according to the filing.

The online marketplace first accused Amazon of illegally poaching high-value sellers in early October. At the time, Amazon said it was investigating the allegations, according to Business Insider.

After further investigation, eBay claims that Amazon has been infiltrating and exploiting the company’s internal member email contact system, called M2M, “over the past several years.” Specifically, Amazon’s sales representatives in the United States and overseas have set up account numbers in eBay’s email system, and used the platform to solicit “many hundreds” of sellers on Amazon’s platform, according to the lawsuit.

While Amazon declined to comment, the company is carrying out a “thorough investigation into the allegations,” according to Business Insider, which cited The Wall Street Journal.
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