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Consumers use e-commerce apps to…

E-commerce apps can save a trip to the store, but that is not the top reason consumers use them.

According to a new survey of 501 consumers from research firm Clutch, the most popular reason respondents use mobile e-commerce apps is receiving exclusive deals and offers (65%). Comparing products and prices and purchase flexibility tied for second place with 54% of respondents selecting each option. Other leading reasons for using e-commerce apps include saving time at the store (47%), avoiding going to the store (44%), and seeing more inventory (41%).

The survey also examined the types of e-commerce apps consumers use most frequently. The clear leading retail category among e-commerce app users was pure online retailers (42%), distantly followed by mass merchant retailers (28%) and restaurants (20%). Much smaller percentages of respondents use mobile e-commerce apps from convenience store (6%) and apparel (4%) retailers.

Clutch also examined some behaviors specific to users of mobile e-commerce apps in different retail verticals. For example:

Respondents who use pure online retail apps the most are likely to make purchases (90%), check prices (88%), and get recommendations on similar products (34%) at a higher rate than users of other e-commerce apps.

Meanwhile, respondents who use apps for omnichannel or brick-and-mortar retailers are most likely to check prices (71%), make in-app purchases (62%), and review products (38%).

Respondents who most frequently use restaurant apps are likely to make purchases (79%) and view menus (75%). Meanwhile, fewer than one-tenth (9%) of restaurant app users get recommendations on similar products.
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