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Consumers ready for Amazon Go—for the most part

Many consumers are ready to give cashier-less stores like Amazon Go a spin — but not everyone is sold on technology-driven grocery stores.

The Amazon Go concept, which enables shoppers to launch an app on their mobile device as they enter, take products off store shelves and pay through their smartphone, appeals to 84% of consumers who see this as a more enjoyable shopping experience than a traditional grocery store, according to “Are We Ready for Amazon Go?,” a study from Shorr Packaging Corp.

A majority of shoppers (75%) would either be extremely likely or very likely to shop at an Amazon Go store if one opened close to where they live. Meanwhile, more than 25% would also be willing to pay more for grocery products if it meant they didn't have to wait in a checkout line.

Despite these benefits, not all consumers are on-board with the new concept — especially Baby Boomers. More than 30% of these shoppers would be somewhat likely or not likely to shop at an Amazon Go store if they lived close by. Meanwhile, 20% of consumers feel like something would be missing from the experience, compared to a traditional grocery store. Almost a quarter of shoppers (24%) said they would miss social interaction, and 12.5% struggle with not being able to pay with cash.

When it comes to deciding where to shop for groceries, customers rank freshness and quality as most important, followed by price and speed of shopping. Availability of brands and location rounded out the list. Overall, 86% people shop at multiple stores to make sure they get the goods and brands they prefer.

What could persuade Baby Boomers to shop at Amazon Go stores are discounts highlighted on product packaging. In fact, 64% of Boomers said discounts on the labels and packaging would encourage them to make a purchase, compared to 57% of all shoppers, the study revealed.
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