Cloud-based platform puts Jonathan Adler on fast track


A home furnishings brand is in rapid expansion mode — something that wasn’t possible five years ago.

Through the use of Oracle’s NetSuite platform, Jonathan Adler has increased the number of its company-run retail stores from 18 to 26, including two in the U.K. grown its e-commerce site, and expanded its SKU volume from 12,000 to 33,000. The company has also increased its retail partners from 500 to more than 1,000 across 30 countries, including such top names as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Harrod's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The brand credits this upward expansion — which has occurred over the last five years — to the adoption of Oracle’s cloud-based platform. This unified foundation integrates accounting, order management, inventory management and order processing – key elements in customer-centric omnichannel retail operations and B2B distribution.

The architecture replaces disparate, inefficient software systems that offered limited visibility into the business, and supported manual data management and reporting — factors that contributed to a fragmented environment. Worse, the outdated systems couldn’t be upgraded without significant spending and business disruption.

These issues pushed the company to search for an agile, scalable platform that would support its expansion plans, and keep mission-critical information centralized in one place. Specifically, NetSuite feeds nightly catalog updates to Jonathan Adler's e-commerce site, while the marketing platform triggers and delivers timely, personalized communications to customers and fans.

The centralized platform also enables Jonathan Adler to set up new stores within hours, unlike the previous scenario that required weeks of provisioning on-premise software and systems, according to the company.

"NetSuite has made us smarter, faster and more capable," said Damen Seminero, Jonathan Adler’s CTO.

“It is our central nervous system and the single data source for our financials, inventory and customers," he added. "NetSuite has taken us from guesswork to having real-time numbers and information in one location, and there's no greater benefit than that. It has allowed us to grow and add new locations without ever pausing.”