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C-store chain reaps rewards from loyalty program

Yesway’s loyalty program is driving nearly half of its members from the gas pump into its convenience store.

The 150-location convenience store chain launched a loyalty program, Yesway Rewards, in June 2017, through a partnership with Paytronix Systems. As members swipe their card or mobile app at checkout, they earn points that can be redeemed for merchandise, gas savings and exclusive deals. To date, 40% of members have downloaded the app.

Since launching the program, 45.2% of loyalty members have visited the convenience store after pumping gas. Meanwhile, 44% of members who made at least one visit in a 60-day period redeemed a reward, according to Yesway.

“Paytronix gives us a multi-pronged approach to communicating with our loyalty customers via email and mobile messaging, which is directly tied to store-level promotions,” said Darrin Samaha, VP and brand manager at Yesway.

“Some brands run their programs in a passive way; however, we take a different approach,” he added. “We work with Paytronix’s team to make informed campaign decisions to drive and enhance customer visits based on data. The ability to connect supplier brands to our program allows us to cut the data and understand what offers are really going to move the needle on each visit.”

Yesway, which was launched in December of 2015 by private equity firm Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC, plans to build a 500-location chain of Yesway convenience stores in selected regions of the United States over the next several years.
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