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Brooks Brothers’ omnichannel strategy moves to the cloud

A specialty apparel retailer is making a move to create a more seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

Brooks Brothers is using Manhattan Active Omni, a cloud-based platform from Manhattan Associates that marries order management and store fulfillment applications on a single solution. The technology will provide Brooks Brothers associates with a 360-degree view of customer information and access to the company’s full network of inventory, enabling them to deliver a truly seamless omnichannel experience.

With more insight into real-time customer information, the solution will improve contact center operations, as well as deliver superior product fulfillment across all channels. The cloud-native, versionless and fully extensible platform can also seamlessly scale to meet Brooks Brothers’ future needs. The platform will manage the company’s omnichannel growth, as well as its uniform business, according to Brooks Brothers.

“The Manhattan Active Omni platform will enable us to increase the level of service we provide by expanding our ‘buy anywhere, get anywhere’ offerings on a global scale and significantly improve the customer journey across channels,” said Todd Treonze, CIO, Brooks Brothers. “Working with Manhattan Associates will help us ensure that all our customers enjoy the type of shopping experience they desire, one that reflects the quality they have come to expect from Brooks Brothers.”
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