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British online fashion giant’s virtual assistant helps customers choose holiday gifts

Asos is giving holiday customers access to their own personal shopper — a virtual one, at least.

The British online fashion giant debuted a virtual assistant via its Facebook page, a tool designed to make suggestions for customers shopping for holiday gifts. The Asos Gift Assistant will be available to customers during the Christmas period in the U.K. and France, according to the retailer.

Here’s how it works: The virtual assistant will have its own section on Asos’ Facebook page, and is also accessible via advertisements on Facebook. Customers answer a selection of questions about the recipient, such as ‘What item would most likely fall out of their bag?’

Machine learning technology will sift through the answers to narrow down choices among the merchandise available on Asos’ site. The service also displays more choices for customers looking for additional options, according to Asos.

The digital assistant also gives customers the option to purchase an item from the “Choose Love” category — a charity that raises funds and awareness for people caught up in the refugee crisis. Here, 100% of all proceeds associated with merchandise purchased from the Help Refugees category is donated to the charity, the retailer said.

The is the latest customer service that Asos is offering. In October, the British online retailer introduced Asos Instant — a same-day delivery option for its customers in London.
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