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BigCommerce migrates to new infrastructure

E-commerce platform BigCommerce is making a big step in changing its hosting infrastructure.

In the past three months, BigCommerce has moved the majority of its customer base of more than 60,000 e-commerce retailers to Google Cloud Platform. BigCommerce says retailers that have been successfully migrated have seen, on average, an 81% improvement in connection times, which are now below 10 milliseconds.

This results in faster page load times, which in turn improves conversion and enhances customer experience. In addition, migrated retailers experienced more than 99.99% uptime during the 2018 holiday season. BigCommerce expects to complete the full migration by next month.

As a component of the migration, BigCommerce will leverage Google Cloud’s scalable infrastructure and footprint, which includes 18 cloud regions and 134 points of presence globally. This means that BigCommerce traffic can enter the Google network closer to the individual shopper, which can provide a faster and more reliable connection. Google Cloud also offers multi-layered security and round-the-clock monitoring for hacking attacks and breaches.

“BigCommerce has processed more than $21 billion in sales and now supports merchants in more than 120 countries around the world,” said Brian Dhatt, CTO for BigCommerce. “As our merchants continue to grow on the platform, we take pride in delivering world-class performance and a scalable hosting solution that works as hard as they do. The decision to move to Google Cloud further extends our commitment to reliability and scalability, backed by Google Cloud’s reputation in security, performance and innovation.”
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