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America’s newest ‘mall’ is located in cyberspace


Obsess offers multiple virtual stores on one online platform.

The recently launched online shopping destination functions like a virtual mall. The home page offers links to individual stores with assortments built around product categories such as beauty, home, fitness, and wellness.

Each virtual store features photorealistic images of products created using CGI (computer generated imagery). Shoppers can click through an image to link to a popup that displays the item name, a close-up image, price, and link to a checkout page on the brand’s website to make a purchase. Some social influencers also have their own curated stores.

"We aim to be a shopping destination bringing together the values important to the new generation of consumers and new generation of brands,” said Neha Singh, founder & CEO of Obsess. “All packaged in creative, inspiring discovery experiences. It's online shopping like you've never seen before. Our mission is to make shopping fun again."

Singh previously served as head of product at Vogue and as a software engineer at Google. The Obsess website is built with proprietary technology that uses web-based virtual reality (VR) to make 3D 360 shopping experiences available on mobile devices.

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