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Amazon’s worst performing private label category is…

Despite Amazon investing heavily in women’s private label clothing, the house brand is not one of the company’s strongest performers.

This was according to data from Jungle Scout, a product research software tool that analyzed researched 74 of Amazon’s private label brands. Out of this group, women’s clothing brands account for more than 51% of Amazon’s private label brands overall (and 59% of clothing brands). Yet, 82% of women’s clothing brands fail to sell more than 100 units per month. Worse, of the 10 worst performing Amazon private label brands, nine were women’s or girls clothing labels.

Interestingly, men’s clothing, which only has 13 private label brands, performs three-times better than women’s per month. The women’s fashion labels that do perform well are casual/at-home wear, pajamas, and lingerie), according to the study.

As a whole, apparel only accounts for 1% of Amazon’s total private label sales. Yet, Amazon trails only Walmart as the top apparel retailer in the United States, according to the data.

“Clothing, furniture, and high-end products have difficulty selling on Amazon. We believe it is because these are more ‘hands-on’ products,” the study revealed. “Women want to try on their clothing before they buy it. Furniture needs to be sat on, felt, and visualized. High-end products require more social proof and other hands-on experience.”

That said, Amazon’s most successful private label brands are general merchandise brand Amazon Basics, health and household brand Presto, Amazon Essentials, clothing brand Goodthreads, and the Wickedly Prime food brand, the study revealed.
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