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Amazon’s Echo has a fashionable new ‘Look’

Amazon is giving its Echo smart speaker a “stylish” makeover, a move that can further personalize the digital shopping experience.

Amazon’s new device, called Amazon Echo Look, goes beyond the functionality of traditional Echo speakers. While Echo Look supports voice-commanded timers, alerts, weather and news reports, among other features, Echo Look can be used as a smart style and shopping assistant. Embedded with an Alexa-powered depth-sensing camera, built-in LED lighting, Echo Look uses a combination of machine learning algorithms and advice from fashion specialists to provide personalized recommendations.

Here’s how it works: Users command the device to snap a picture of an outfit they are wearing, then the device’s machine learning takes over to deliver personalized recommendations on how to improve the look. Users can also submit two photos and use the speaker’s “Style Check” feature to get a recommendation on the best outfit based on fit, color, styling, and current trends, as well as an explanation of why one is better. The device is also programmed to suggest items that pair well with clothes users already own. All recommended items are all shoppable on Amazon, according to the online giant.

The device’s “Daily Look” feature compiles all photos and short videos taken of an outfit and creates a lookbook that users can browse for inspiration and tag with descriptions. Items can be filtered by color, and a “Collections” feature organizes the user’s closets by category for easy searching. The Echo Look also features an app that lets users organize looks into groups including favorites, seasons, weather, or personalized collections.

The device was introduced a year ago on an invitation-only basis. Customer feedback has helped shape the device’s many interactive features, according to Amazon.

“Over the last year we invited customers to use Echo Look and give us feedback, which led to the launch of many new features—we’re now excited to make the device available to all customers, with even more fashionable features and functionality…,” said Linda Ranz, director of Echo product management at Amazon. “Echo Look can give advice on which of two outfits looks best, offer personalized recommendations on items that pair well with clothes you already own, create your personal lookbook, keep your closet organized, and much more.”

Amazon is selling the device for $199.99.
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