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Amazon re-launches Dash Wand — with new feature


Amazon is giving its Dash Wand a makeover — make that a “voice over.”

The online giant has upgraded its Amazon Dash Wand with its artificial intelligence-based Alexa functionality. Extending Amazon’s signature virtual assistant Alexa beyond the Echo home speaker offering, the Dash Wand is described as the smallest and most inexpensive Alexa-enabled device, according to Geek Wire.

The Amazon Dash mobile ordering device was first introduced in 2014. Amazon shoppers used the Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen assistant to scan item barcodes — a move that automatically created electronic shopping lists on Amazon’s web site. An embedded microphone also supported a voice-based search across more than 1 million items for sale on AmazonFresh and

The new gadget replaces the original Dash Wand, which is no longer available. Amazon Prime members can still scan item barcodes with the new version, or they can utilize Alexa and speak their orders into the device. The Dash Wand also helps users find recipes, convert cups to ounces, buy and reorder essentials, and find nearby restaurants among other functions, according to Amazon.

The Dash Wand is $20, but shoppers get a $20 credit for their next purchase made using the device. Customers that purchase the unit also get to try AmazonFresh free for 90 days. This service is normally $14.99.

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