Amazon Key expands nationwide—and gets more locks

Amazon’s smart home program is expanding.

Amazon is rolling out some of the main features of its “smart entry” program, Amazon Key, to Prime members nationwide, including keyless entry, remote lock and unlock and guest access. But the program’s primary feature — in-home deliveries — will continue to be available only to members in 37 select cities and surrounding areas. (The delivery feature uses a smart lock to allow Amazon to make deliveries inside a customer’s front door.)

Amazon has also added a new feature to Amazon Key: entry and exit video clips that allow customers to view motion video clips of a person entering or leaving their home when the door is locked or unlocked. It also has expanded the selection of smart locks customers can choose, adding five new compatible locks for a total of eight.

“Customers have told us that they love how easy it is to use Amazon Key for keyless entry and door monitoring from anywhere with the Amazon Key App,” said Rohit Shrivastava, general manager, Amazon Key. “It’s a great service for busy families; you no longer have to worry about giving keys to service providers like house cleaners, instead you can give them their own code right from your Amazon Key App.”

In addition to in-home delivery, Amazon Key can be used for other purposes, the company pointed out. Instead of having to leave a physical key under a door mat, customers can lock and unlock their door from anywhere using the Amazon Key App with the touch of a button. Customers also have the added security of providing codes to guests for home access, managing their guest list, and assigning when and for how long a guest has access.

Amazon Key customers can also use their app to view a live stream of their door anytime, use two-way audio, and receive notifications when their door is locked or unlocked.