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Survey: Shoppers will flock back to physical stores in 2022

Al Urbanski
self checkout
Self-checkout is the shopper's chief demand at physical retail.

Nearly nine of 10 consumers say they will be buying more at brick-and-mortar this year—though they expect stores to incorporate the benefits they’ve become used to online.

Chase Design, a category growth firm that helped Wal-Mart redesign checkout areas to improve shopper flow, surveyed more than 1,000 people about their shopping habits and found 85% of them planning to increase store visits to see what’s new, choose products in-person, and obtain the advice of store associates.

”Shoppers are demanding a new physical store experience that integrates the digital benefits they’ve gotten used to,” said ChaseDesign president Joe Lampertius.

Self-checkout is their chief demand of retailers, with more than two-thirds of survey respondents saying they took advantage of the time-saving technology. Nearly half of them said they also used retailers’ shopping apps and 29% used QR codes.

The Syracuse-based company helped design the new AmEx Shop in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where American Express card members can scan their cards, pick up merchandise, and just walk out of the store with charges added automatically to their accounts.

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