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Super Converters. How To Turn Your Stores into Super Converting Stores in Time for the Holiday

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Brick-and-mortar retailers have a significant advantage over e-commerce to drive sales this holiday season but the vast majority of retailers do not have – or have even considered – formally developing conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies for their physical stores.

The fact that CRO is largely untapped by retailers in their brick-and-mortar stores is what makes it such an exciting opportunity, according to Mark Ryski, Author and HeadCount’s Founder & CEO.
Join Mark as he outlines the ‘must-haves’ for an effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) program, including: 

  • Benchmarking conversion performance
  • Identifying and leveraging Super Converters
  • Why A/B Experimentation in physical stores is important
  • CRO Methodology and measurable impact

Mark will discuss in detail the steps to making sure you have a CRO program ready for the holiday season, including identifying your own Super Converters – the stores he says hold important secrets to unlocking chain-wide conversion rate improvement. 


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