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Walmart in store remodeling mode; details plans for 10 states

Walmart is shifting its focus to remodels as it revamps its brick-and-mortar stores for the digital age.

The retail giant recently announced store plans for 10 states, which encompass a total expected investment of over $1 billion. Nearly all of the capital is going towards remodeling — only two new locations were included in the plans. The remodeling effort includes the launch and continued expansion of several customer-focused innovations, including high-tech “pick-up towers,” autonomous self-driving floor scrubbers and automated shelf scanners. The chain is also expanding online grocery pickup and grocery delivery services.

Here is a review of Walmart’s anticipated investments state-by-state.

• Texas: Estimated $264.9 million, 54 store remodels;

• Florida: Estimated $173 million, 33 store remodels and one new store (Walmart Neighborhood Market in Miami);

• California: Estimated $145 million, 20 store remodels and one new store (in Tehachapi);

• Indiana: Estimated $96.1 million, 19 store remodels;

• North Carolina: Estimated $87 million; 18 store remodels

• Pennsylvania: Estimated $83 million; 15 store remodels;

• Arizona: Estimated $71.8 million, 14 store remodels;

• Alabama: Estimated $69 million; 14 store remodels;

• South Carolina: Estimated $45 million; 8 store remodels

• Maryland: Estimated $29 million, 6 store remodels
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