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Trending Stores: Chick-fil-A goes big in Manhattan

Chick-fil-A has opened its largest location ever, on Fulton Street in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District. It is the chain’s fourth location in the Big Apple.

The 12,000-sq.-ft.-plus restaurant has five levels, with a rooftop terrace for dining, complete with panoramic city views.

At only 15 ft. wide, the space is the chain's most narrow location. So the company built up. The restaurant’s five levels include two levels of kitchen space for food prep, and three levels of dining areas.

The design team took advantage of an open courtyard behind the building by adding a large window in the back of the restaurant. Since Chick-fil-A has the whole building, it also brought in natural light through a skylight.

In addition to the skylight, the space boasts floor-to-ceiling windows on each level and brightly colored interior finishes. Starting on the second floor, there is a window that also spans the second and third floors, allowing natural light to flood in from the rear courtyard.

A monumental staircase – the first one ever to be built for a Chick-fil-A restaurant – ties the five levels together. It extends from the fourth level to the ground floor, accentuated by the skylight.

The seating options vary and include multiple family-style dining tables made of reclaimed wood. The third level features a semi-private group meeting and dining space.

The restaurant offers mobile and in-store technology designed to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Customers can order and pay in advance (while also skipping the line) using the Chick-fil-A One mobile app.

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