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Trader Joe’s completes store openings for 2017

Trader Joe’s opened the doors to the last of its new locations for the year.

The natural foods grocer opened its three newest stores on Thursday, which completes Trader’s Joe’s planned store openings for 2017. With these new stores, Trader Joe’s has opened 14 new locations this year, a move that brings the grocer’s store fleet up to 474 locations.

For the past 10 years, the grocer has opened an average of 23 stores annually, a move that has created hundreds of jobs to communities nationwide — and nearly all of them filled by neighborhood residents. Plans for 2018 locations are already underway, the retailer said.

"A lot goes into bringing a new Trader Joe's store to a neighborhood," said Trader Joe's spokesperson Kenya Friend-Daniel. "Aside from the logistics we want to be sure we have the right space and crew members who are engaged and passionate, not just about Trader Joe's, food and earning the delight of our customers, but also in their lives outside of work.”

These store openings come on the heels of another milestone: Trader Joe’s hitting its 50th anniversary.
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