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Thirty-year beauty brand to make store debut

It took 30 years but Glad Lash is finally set to make its brick-and-mortar debut.

The international manufacturer and distributor of eyelash and eyebrow extensions will open its first retail location on June 28, in Northridge, Calif. The store, which will be called GladGirl, will feature products from Glad Lash's professional and do-it-yourself lines, including its extensive assortment of eyelash extensions as well as brow and aftercare products

The company has traditionally sold its products through its website. But feedback and demand from customers prompted Glad Lash to open a store for both its lash enthusiasts as well as professional customers, the company said.

"We found that our customers wanted to view and experience our products in person as well as on the Web," said Brian Greene, managing director of Glad Lash. "In fact, over the past five years, we have seen an influx of foot traffic from our customers who often travel great distances to visit our Northridge-based headquarters, just so they could see and experience the products in our showroom."

Great customer care has always been a hallmark of Glad Lash's approach, and the company will extend that vision to the store. The GladGirl retail employees, which will be comprised of estheticians, cosmetologists and make-up artists, will be on hand to help customers navigate and choose products that meet their individual needs. In addition, the founder of Glad Lash, Esther Bolkin, will offer training courses and meet-ups for both consumers and professionals.

“Retail is not just about acquiring products,” said Bolkin. “It's about providing customers with a delightful and enjoyable experience. It is in this spirit that we have remained focused on providing the most comprehensive line of products along with the absolute in excellence, technique and pricing.”
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