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Tesco to build zero-carbon store


New York City Tesco, the largest retailer in the United Kingdom, announced that it will build the world’s first “zero-carbon” store, in Ramsey, Cambridge, later this year. The store, which is being designed from the ground up to incorporate the latest in green technology, will have a combined heat and power (CHP) plant that will generate enough energy for the store and sell surplus to the country’s National Grid.

According to various reports, the new store will be built with construction materials that have high levels of insulation and the potential to be recycled. Extensive glazing will reduce the need for artificial light, while wind catchers on the roof will help circulate fresh air. It will also have sensor-controlled, energy-efficient lighting.

In related news, Tesco said it has achieved a 0.7% reduction in its absolute carbon footprint. The measurements are based on a comparison of 2008/2009 emissions with an average of emissions in 2006/2007 and 2007/2008. It noted that the reductions were made despite Tesco’s acquisition of a 24-store garden chain during the measurement period.??

Tesco has set three targets for reducing CO2 emissions across its business operations. Each involves cutting emissions by 50% compared against a 2006 baseline.

Existing buildings (those constructed before 2006) by 2020; Distribution of each case of goods delivered by 2012; New stores (compared to comparably sized stores built in 2006) by 2020.

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