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Target Q&A delves into store remodels

Target Corp.’s plan to remodel more than 1,000 stores nationwide by the end of 2020 is ramping up quickly.

This year alone, more than 300 stores are in line to get a design makeover, one that promotes a more streamlined shopping experience. However, each store’s design will be to customized to meet the unique needs of the location and the neighborhood it operates in.

In the Q&A below, posted on Target’s website, the retailer spoke with Joe Contrucci, senior VP of stores, and Joe Perdew, VP of store design, about the enhancements that will featured in all remodeled stores.

How do you approach a store remodel, and what determines which enhancements each store gets?
Joe Perdew: We start by putting the guest at the center of everything we do, and think about the human, physical and digital aspects of the experiences we want to deliver. It’s like a blank canvas each time. We have to use all of our assets — the building spaces, fixtures, interior design, lighting, products — to tell a story and make the whole shopping trip as easy and inspiring as possible for guests.

Joe Contrucci: There are a lot of factors at play, like where each store is located and what the neighborhood around it needs most. For example, is it near other retailers, coffee shops and restaurants? Do guests usually come on foot or drive their cars? Which products or services are most popular or in-demand? We count on our local store teams to help us understand exactly what their guests want so we can build relevant experiences around that. And we’re always testing, learning and adjusting, so the whole process keeps evolving and getting even better as we go.

What will I see when I walk in the doors?
Perdew: Every store is different. If yours has two entrances, one will be designed around “ease” and the other around “inspiration.” The “ease” entrance might have features like “Drive Up” parking spaces, an online “Order Pickup” counter, self-checkout lanes and grab-and-go grocery and essentials right there as you walk in — everything the guest needs to get in and out quickly.

What are some of the new features my store might get?
Perdew: Expect to see exciting new things inside and out. Guests will find beautiful, enhanced merchandise displays that create ‘shops’ throughout the store. Some stores will even get a center aisle treatment that winds through the middle of the store with displays at varying heights to make them even more eye-catching. The beauty department looks like a specialty shop that inspires and invites guests to try the products, and in home, products are on display in lifestyle settings so guests can imagine what they’ll look like in their own homes.

We add concrete floors and wood-plank walls to some stores, incorporate materials like steel and glass and a pop of Target red into the décor, and use pendant and circular lighting treatments with energy-saving LED lights. And those are just a few examples — all to create a warm and inviting experience that’s hip and cool.

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