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Survey: LEDs gain over fluorescents


Yorba Linda, Calif. -- For the first time, lighting professionals expect to install more LED than fluorescent fixtures over the coming year, according to the fourth annual lighting by Precision-Paragon [P2].

When asked what is the dominant lighting technology they expect to install in 2014, 49% of respondents selected LED, and 46% indicated fluorescent. Asked the same question last year, 26% selected LED, and 68% indicated fluorescent.

“Our industry has seen steady growth in LED lighting performance and sales in recent years,” said Joe Martin, VP and general manager, [P2]. “Picking the right technology is an important part of any lighting retrofit, and LED technology has advanced to the point that it can compete with fluorescent lighting in many applications.”

Survey respondents indicated that in 2013, LEDs accounted for 37% of the fixtures they installed. That’s up from 27% in 2012, and 13% in 2011.

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