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Staples adds service to help customers get through airport screening faster

Staples is setting up TSA PreCheck centers in its stores.

The retailer has teamed up with Idemia to open Idemia’s IdentoGO enrollment centers in 50 Staples stores nationwide this summer. IdentoGO is the exclusive provider of TSA Pre✓, a program that allows pre-vetted travelers to move through security more quickly and easily when departing airports in the United States.

Staples is one of the first national partners for IdentoGO. The retailer’s stores in the Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle metro areas will be among the first to provide the service. IdentoGO Centers will also offer Staples’ customer's passport photos and certified birth certificates.

“Staples constantly looks for new ways to help businesses succeed, including making it easy for them to travel,” said Peter Scala, chief merchandising officer, Staples. “This unique relationship with IdentoGO will let us offer our customers additional products and services that are impactful to their lives.”

Once approved for TSA Pre✓, travelers do not need to remove their shoes, liquids, laptops, belts and jackets as they go through security. The cost of enrollment in the program is $85 and is good for five years.
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