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Square opens its first brick-and-mortar store


Mobile payments processor Square has set up shop in New York City.

The company has opened a store, called Square Showroom and located in downtown Manhattan, that provides hands-on support for merchants using its technology and space to display — and let sellers experience — its POS hardware. The store includes a Genius Bar-like support desk, where sellers can make appointments with Square employees to troubleshoot a specific issue or get training on a new product.

In addition, Square will showcase merchandise from its merchants, with the selection changing on a monthly basis.

"We’re walking distance from hundreds of Square sellers," Jesse Dorogusker, the company’s hardware lead, told Bloomberg. "We want to develop the idea that you can merge sales, support, merchant showcase, and a retail store."

According to the report, the goal of the store is to improve the customer experience, boost sales for Square’s merchants, and introduce shoppers to the Square brand.

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