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Smith’s honored for energy efficiency


New York City -- Smith’s Food & Drug Stores, a division of Kroger Co., has been recognized by the Utah Association of Energy Users as a leader in conservation and energy-use efficiency, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The chain, which received the “Outstanding Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Conservation” award on Wednesday at the 26th Annual Western States Energy Conference in Salt Lake City, was recognized for retrofitting its 132 stores in seven states with more efficient energy systems.

A recent energy-savings change converted frozen food cases from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. Smith’s anticipates saving as much electricity as it takes to power 1,838 single-family homes in Utah for one year through that measure alone, it said in a statement.

The association is comprised of business executives who are interested in energy efficiency, policy and technical issues, as well as regulatory staff from western states, legislators and utility representatives. Members spend over $400 million annually on energy, and provide 40,000 technical jobs to Utahns.

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