Self-service fixture helps London Drugs protect fast-moving merchandise

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Self-service fixture helps London Drugs protect fast-moving merchandise

By Deena M. Amato-McCoy - 03/13/2018
London Drugs has a new way to protect — and promote — high-value and fast-moving merchandise.

The drugstore retailer is using a self-service inventory dispenser from InVue that is designed to improve on-shelf availability, and protect merchandise from theft. The product (T1000) allows retailers to protect hanging merchandise while still making it readily available for customers.

Unlike traditional metal hooks or crank-style solutions, the InVue fixture uses a simple push button to help customers dispense one inventory package at a time. A five-second time delay between dispenses also deters thieves, and prevents a criminal from “sweeping” of the entire product line from a display.

The device is designed to increase sales and ensure planogram compliance. But London Drugs was most attracted to the fixture’s ability to protect merchandise.

“Our merchandisers were looking for a solution to address challenges with fast moving consumer goods, specifically razor blades,” said Tony Hunt, the retailer’s general manager of loss prevention. “These high theft items require an on-shelf display mechanism that can achieve some level of crime prevention, but without inhibiting sales.”

While the retailer’s existing solution was effective from a security perspective, it impacted on-shelf availability. This was further compounded by a cumbersome restock process.

Armed with the fixture, London Drugs is better managing merchandise. “We have already seen an impact across both sales and shrink across these high-value items,” he added. “The product’s unique design has helped us to not only enhance the overall look of the merchandise in store, but improve the customer and employee experience.”

Historically, retailers either locked up high value merchandise to reduce shrink, or hung merchandise with no security. While the latter option gives customers easy access to merchandise, it also invites theft.

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