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Save Mart Receives Rebate for Energy-Efficient Store


(Oct. 9) Save Mart Supermarkets’ new store in Riverbank, Calif., has received a $46,000 rebate from the Modesto Irrigation District (MID). This rebate—the first to be awarded under MID’s MPower Commercial-New construction rebate program—will help Save Mart offset the cost of an energy-saving green-building design.

“The $46,000 rebate helps our customers, like Save Mart, make a business case for exceeding California’s already aggressive State mandated energy-efficiency standards for new construction”, said Queta Maldonado, MID’s major account representative. “Businesses are looking beyond just the return on investment when considering energy-efficiency investments, and are weighing the improved public image of being a more “green” business.”

The supermarket’s design incorporates a high-efficiency ice machine, steamer, air conditioning, store lighting and other conservation-minded building features. Building, equipment and fixtures were designed as an integrated energy-saving package. It is estimated the supermarket will save over 672,000 kilowatt hours each year, enough “juice” to power 66 average homes. Save Mart will lower its electric costs by an estimated $51,500 in the first twelve months alone.

“Green lowers our operating costs, helps ensure there is power to share with our neighbors and reduces our demands on the environment,” said Ray Agah, VP of engineering, Save Mart Supermarkets, Modesto, Calif., which operates nearly 250 stores throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada under the Save Mart, S-Mart Foods, Lucky, and FoodMaxx banners.

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