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Office Depot debuts first smaller-format store in Pacific Northwest


Portland, Ore. -- Office Depot said Tuesday that its downtown Portland store has been remodeled to reflect a smaller footprint and an environmentally friendly design.

As part of an effort to improve the customer shopping experience, Office Depot said it has been rolling out smaller store formats across the U.S., and the newly downsized Portland store – one of the larger formats when it opened 13 years ago – is the first in the Pacific Northwest to follow the trend.

Approximately 900 of the Portland store’s products have environmental attributes identifiable by their labels. And green building elements include:

  • T5 energy-saving lights and reflectors allowing use of two bulbs instead of three per fixture;

  • Daylight and occupancy sensors to reduce energy use;

  • Energy Management Systems to allow tracking and central control of energy usage;

  • Reused store shelving and fixtures;

  • Recycled content carpet; and

  • Interior finishes made up of low VOC emitting materials.

“By creating smaller stores we’re reducing our retail footprint, our energy footprint and our carbon footprint,” said Yalmaz Siddiqui, senior director of environmental strategy at Office Depot. “This store represents a new model for consumer engagement on sustainability.”

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