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Marks & Spencer’s greenest store is 100% lit with LEDs


New York City -- Marks & Spencer’s new Simply Food in Sheffield, England, is its greenest store to date, incorporating an array of sustainable design and construction features. The 12,430-sq.-ft. supermarket also has the distinction of being the first store in the United Kingdom to be 100% lit with LED technology (from Philips).

By applying LEDs across the parking lot, store floor and backroom areas, Marks & Spencer can expect to realize typical energy savings of between 25%-30% on its lighting electricity usage in comparison with other stores using conventional light sources, according to Philips. A lighting control system (Philips’ Dynalite) is expected to increase savings even further.

In addition to the energy savings, the store will also benefit from a reduction in maintenance costs as the long life of the LED sources means that no re-lamping should be required through the life of the store.

Daylight harvesting is also being used, with the lights controlled to take advantage of the natural daylight that pours in through the windows. The luminaires are automatically dimmed within the area so that a constant level of light is maintained.

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