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Macy’s to install Philips EnduraLED lamps in nationwide retrofit


Somerset, N.J. -- Philips Lighting Wednesday announced that Macy's has selected its custom-designed Philips EnduraLED solid-state LED lamp as part of the nationwide program to retrofit 117,000 halogen-based accent lighting in 86 of its U.S. stores.

The lamp featured in the Macy’s retrofit is the EnduraLED PAR38 SP15, which uses just 13 watts and replaces the 47-watt halogen bulbs the retailer currently uses. The EnduraLED has also been approved for the retailer’s long term retrofit plans, which are part of Macy’s comprehensive program of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Macy's is the first department store to implement the use of LED accent lighting on a wide scale. The new EnduraLED PAR38 SP15 lamp gives Macy’s a sustainable, effective lighting solution that provides both aesthetics and significant energy savings.

The new lamp also gives Macy’s a custom beam angle that gives the retailer more control in accenting merchandise, as well as an optimal color temperature that brings out tones and characteristics of goods, giving consumers a truer sense of a product’s quality and attributes.

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