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Macy’s Herald Square holiday windows take customers on a star-crossed journey


New York - Macy's Herald Square has unveiled its 2014 Christmas windows. Titled "Santa's Journey to the Stars," this year's display follows the adventures of Alex, a young boy who receives a magical and mystical telescope that enables him to experience the wonder of Christmas on other planets before landing back on Earth at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Created by Roya Sullivan, award-winning designer and Macy's National Director of Window Presentation, Macy's 2014 Christmas windows showcase one-of-a-kind planet-scapes, custom designed toys, handmade elves and an interactive game, all accented by thousands of LED lights. Nearly 85% of the installation is foam, with sculptures carved and treated to resemble a wide variety of textures and effects, such as the surface of the moon, or the gleaming face of one of the celestial beings within. In addition, spectators will be able to watch the story unfold chapter-by-chapter in animated form with the assistance of high definition video monitors set within each window.

"This year's Christmas windows will symbolize the power of magical thinking and the tradition of storytelling where we celebrate, not only children's imagination, but our own inner-child,” said Sullivan. “We have combined our homage to today's tech-savvy child with a nostalgic dream to travel through space with Santa. This theme is brought to life by combining the technological and interactive elements with old school artistry forming a unique marriage resulting in something original and artistic."

The window display will be up until Dec. 26.

In addition, on Friday, Nov. 28, “Santaland” opened on the eighth floor of the Macy’s Herald Square store. The 13,000-sq.-ft. Christmas Village includes a train ride to the North Pole, a Domino sugar bake shop, a Build-A-Bear Workshop Macy’s Woodland Revue, and a Lionel Trains display. Santaland will be open through Dec. 24.
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