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Kroger honored for energy efficiency

The Kroger Co. is on track for big savings in energy use.

The supermarket giant has received the 2018 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for its prioritization of Energy Star best practices in its energy management strategy and for its continued commitment to energy reduction. Kroger's long-term goal is to reduce cumulative energy consumption — in the form of electricity — in its stores by 40% by 2020, as the chain outlined in its sustainability report.

Kroger has earned more Energy Star building certifications than any other commercial entity by certifying 320 grocery stores in 2017, bringing the total number of stores certified to 793 since 2011. The company has saved 48.7 million kilowatt hours of electricity by installing more than 3.8 million LED lamps.

"Kroger uses the EPA's Energy Star program to track and assess energy consumption across our retail locations,” said Keith Oliver, Kroger's VP of facility engineering. Oliver. “We benchmark building energy performance, assess energy management goals over time, and identify strategic opportunities for savings.”

Beyond its retail operations, Kroger's logistics team continues to track its “ton miles per gallon” (TMPG) and look to new technologies to increase delivery and operational efficiencies. Kroger has committed to adding Tesla Semi electric trucks to its distribution fleet, which require lower energy cost per mile in comparison to conventional diesel tractors.
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