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Kid-friendly restaurant chain testing a new look


Those dancing and singing animatronic characters may become a thing of the past at Chuck E. Cheese.

The restaurant chain, famous for its triple combination of pizza, token-operated games and iconic (if now outdated) animatronic shows in which Chuck E. and his robot pals periodically sing and dance, has debuted a more modern look. And there is not a robot in sight.

Three locations in the San Antonio, Texas, area have been completely remodeled, and the new animatronics-free design is headed to Kansas City area locations this fall, reported Eater.

“Kids stopped watching the animatronic shows,” Chuck E. Cheese CEO Tom Leverton said in the report. “What we’ve seen over time with improvements in tech, with screens, and the expectations of kids today, the animatronics aren’t the main draw.”

Leverton added that the company could be remodeling more company-owned units across the country as soon as next year.

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