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Johnny Rockets, Destiny U.S.A., Syracuse, New York

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Johnny Rockets is celebrating its 30th anniversary year — and reaching out to millennials — with a brand refresh that does away with the company’s signature '50s nostalgia.

The chain has moved away from its 1950s diner look, along with the jukeboxes filled with oldies songs and dancing servers dressed in old-fashioned soda-jerk uniforms. Its new prototype, at Destiny U.S.A. mall, features a much more modern-looking exterior and interior, a new logo, a more contemporary music soundtrack, and new uniforms for associates. Also on the bill: a self-serve ordering kiosk for to-go orders.

The design, by WD Partners, Columbus, Ohio, put a modern fast-casual spin on the American diner, and works to leverage Johnny Rocket’s standing as one of the pioneers of the better-burger trend.

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