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Ikea goes live with largest solar installation to date


Round Rock, Texas -- Ikea has officially plugged in its largest U.S. rooftop solar installation to date, at its store in Round Rock, Texas. When combined with Ikea projects atop stores in Houston and Dallas-area Frisco, the new installation also makes Ikea the largest solar owner in Texas.

The 273,700-sq.-ft. PV array in Round Rock consists of a 1,633-kW system, built with 6,664 panels. It will produce approximately 2,398,500 kWh of clean electricity annually, the equivalent of reducing 1,822 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), eliminating the emissions of 324 cars or powering 206 homes yearly. Ikea contracted with REC Solar for the development, design and installation of the system.

The installation represents the 33rd completed solar project for Ikea in the U.S. The chain currently has six more solar deployments locations underway, which will make the eventual U.S. solar presence of Ikea nearly 89% of its U.S. locations with a total generation of 38 MW. Ikea owns and operates each of its solar PV energy systems atop its buildings.

More than 250,000 solar panels have been installed on Ikea stores and buildings across the world. The company also owns and/or operates approximately 110 wind turbines in Europe.

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